Ever Felt this!!!

I don’t know how many of you have been through a situation like she has, but when she’s sad even I am….

“Eyes with dust and, heart with trust always cries.” She hides, in the dark and she doesn’t know if anyone can hear her cry, she dies everyday but no one can see her bleed. She’s so far away from me, I can’t feel her but only look at her everyday where all she does is ‘fake smile’. She’s so sick, she can’t get up…..the last thing she wants amongst all is pity.

Why does she have to be hard on herself just to keep others happy just to keep me happy, I’m not her weak child, I am brave like she is, but my mistakes don’t give any evidence of it!! Popularity isn’t everything, self-confidence and happiness are. She wasn’t trying to be popular but, she tried to fit in which eventually made her think bad about herself, soon she learned from it and gave it up.

Many things are happening with me also but who cares to listen, all come to me with their problems all I can be is their helping hand which makes me forget myself and share my unused happiness to them. I am suffering, she is too, we all are also….even the person who is happy now once suffered a lot. Not everything perfect has to be wonderful.

Suffering is not dieing but letting your fears chase you like the shadows which can also be seen in the dark. All you can do is go through, it’s like you are cut from everywhere and you struggle to get out of the door in one peice where you need to hold yourself together because trust me no one will be there when they said they would…at some point of time you have to cross the line and face the suffering you can’t just stand there staring at it your whole life right. There are things which are lacthed to our backs no matter how hard we try to break it, how hard we try to get rid of it we have to carry it everywhere we go…..if we learn to survive we know what it is to suffer.

Just like said,”pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” because things are as they are, only that we imagine it differently since we all have different perception, that’s why we suffer right??


  1. As I know she is a kind of person who has no haters and everyone loves to spend time with her coz of her understanding nature, this kind personality people achieves a lot of success but they struggles also a lot, so take every step ahead with positive attitude and neglect the negative vibes from your surroundings, one day people will adMire your talent, only you know what’s special you got in your self..

    You can be a great writer Or great counceler for young generation ahead…

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