The Art Of Chaos- Part VI


Have u ever felt your heart racing so much, that it could explode and get you killed because it can get breathless. Well, this article infact the word in double quotes above means the same and I’ve had this feeling like many times not when I kissed for the first time, or fell in love for the first time but…….

I felt it, when my heart raced restlessly, before I could begin my journey, because I knew I wanted to go somewhere so far and needed just magic to disappear because my mind was empty without any destination in it, atleast magic would take me to a place where physically I’m here but, mentally to be far-far away…..

Sometimes, we all want to just run away, we want to go to a place we don’t know where but should be so silent and peaceful, without being pained or crying like the snow which falls on the ground. Not everything that falls is hurt, when you fall in love you know someday your heart is broken and it’s true it has to break but, being hurt and being broken are two different things!! When snow falls down it is for good, this dirty world is being covered by something. Similarly, when you feel your falling and falling, your heart is racing so fast because your journey had begun and you are covering up something which is dirty.

Never get the place of your destination, let your heart race, let yourself fall down. Sometimes it’s ok to fall or feel sad or to cry……don’t let those feelings make you carry away, you have to come back to the reality for even when a basketball in thrown in it’s ring, it’s falling down, yet you still earn a score!!!

P.S- The Art of chaos series is back comment below and tell me if you all support me to keep writing the series as in when time comes, you all can suggest me too few words or phrases to write about or write on!!!


  1. As per my knowledge& Understanding ability, I think the girl in this situation is trying to let her heart fell for someone whom she started loving, but due to her past experiences she is scared to get hurt or heartbroken again and again..
    But love is like a coin you Wil get outcome like head or tail that’s fortunate we can’t predict, but we can Inhale the blossom of that love magic, which is maybe temporarily but resides in your heart till the end of our life’s Journey,, so never thinks too much just let the life lead or bleed us we just need to move with the flow..
    sorry forgive me, if my understanding and suggestion is wrong…

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      1. it comes from within me idk just happens!!!! n i dnt need inspiration if i have myself to do thngs done, we all see others n get inspiration which is somewhr wrong wat i think…i know my net blog is gonna be on inspiration now tysm for idea hihihihi

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