Shadow Of Whisper

(Again I say totally fictious, but non fiction if you relate to yourself, enjoy reading!)

I am a forgotten dream.

I am unseen, unheard, unwanted…that’s what I am.

I am unable to hope, to never know the meaning of morning, or the difference it makes when it’s night.

I don’t feel to move out of the bed, how much I need to drag myself now…

This feeling made me not wanting to attach to anyone anymore, no matter how hard I tried to get involved, in the end I still break down!!

This mere series of feelings inside of me makes me forget to even blink my eye, the involuntary actions go voluntary, and can’t even my beating heart be the same?

It’s said it takes 21 days to get used to a new habit, but this habit takes me forever to adapt to though I have lived through it for 17 years!!

It was as if I was the type of boomerang which once threw no one was waiting for me to come back and there I dash to the tree and broken down,

I want to go to a place which has no destination, and that can only happen if I die…

And so sooner or later I was dead deep inside and my moving body was the coffin to carry my weight…

Soon I see the light in all this darkness, and I realised I no more had to be in darkness to give others light, but all I had to do was wait and just be alive because,

“Miracles don’t just happen they are recognised.” (quote by Markus Rothkranz)

Note P.S- this is actually a paragraph written into lines to show more effect of words in it, and bring out the required meaning.


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