The two letter word “OK” is so small but it means so much. According to the english dictionary it has many meaning and if used in grammer it can be an exclamation, adjective, adverb, noun, and verb too. But how many of us take this word seriously?

The word merely said Β to anyone by HER can only explain the thought if they wonder what they are doing to her, she says I’m o…..and she’s already running out of breathe but she wants to finish her last word and say, “I’m OK.”

Here all will come for your funeral but she will come for your rescue, all can see her hurt but no one can see how much it has killed her already, yet all she can still say is I’M OK….

It’s easy to break her heart by saying same few words which all have telling her to break her heart to tiny peices but, to speak the truth not all like her will pick up the tiny peices you broke and put it on your hands….and still she say I’M OK. She would trace the word ‘help’ on the sand by shore and all take it lightly and be puzzled as to what she has to say, for that simply she would laugh and say I’M OK…..

She is too sad to cry, so she smiles. Even her parents didn’t know they lost their daughter years ago because she’s smiling all the time so we think she is alright but we don’t know she cries herself to sleep at night and she knows sleep won’t help if her soul is tired, that even if she sits doing nothing she feels tired, she’s scared to talk now cause all just yank about how irritating she is…yet she still tells me I’M OK……


  1. If having someone beside you,
    Makes you feel safe,
    If having someone holding you tight,
    Makes you feel warmth,
    If having someone sitting near you,
    Makes you feel to hug so tight,
    If having someone in your life,
    Makes you joyful all the time,
    If having someone next to you,
    Makes you feel sometimes kissing that one,,,

    Then trust me, you are lucky to have that blessing in your life..

    Saying okay is good sometimes but letting people realise our Importance in their life….

    We Born to win even there’s a black shadow whispering our soul deadly.. Stand like a shadow hunter coz Lord is next to you like shield…

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    1. thanks u for ur words and reading my blog…u’ve bought the utter meaning from my writing which i wanted to lay down…and btw good short poem thr up!!! it’s wat i think too…and ppl dnt knwo the meaning of importance anymore the ones who used to say thanks to come in my life are the ones who merely change later, frst ppl had a straight target from the arrow but now they can even bend n go to get tat target this is how much we ppl have changed and afterall we r Gods best creation!!!

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      1. I really appreciate the people who have courage to stand for their loving ones in all such a certain situations, they are the best people Wil never let you feel down even sometimes they act like inhuman, but still they have soft corner in their heart to stand behind you..

        People Wil neglect you, Insult you, hurt you, misjudge you , but don’t forget that someone is there who is always behind you to raise you up from all such kind hard situations…

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      1. see tbh education is become business now..they just want to give their faggy asses rest n earn they make the seat hot….they think life is like a garden which will pop up on their palms…lol!!! but ya i’ll try writing smthng related to tat okk ty for ur suggestion

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      2. Yeah exactly Xbox of them many kids and parents are facing financial Issues, they tortures to kids Ben they are intelligent, but they punish them for money, beside school is not that safer place coz of sexual harassments and other stuffs happening to them, what I feel like schooling system is directly regulated by governments, there Wil be no room for private schools, everything is controlled by school, in short Nationalization of School is must If We want to develop our Nations, all fees Wil regulated by government only, coz private schools charge money for , playgrounds and swimming and personality development but it just on papers in reality they serves nothing..

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