Art of Chaos- Part VII

The word “hypergraphia” clearly relates to me, of course in a good way. It means- having an overwhelming urge to write. Whenever anything happens to me I first look forward to write about it and engrave it into my deepest memory maybe that’s why it’s hard for me to let go but, I make sure to not let those things hurt me when I remember them but to give me a sense of happiness because from the ashes of disaster grows the roses of success. 

“Well written words are music.”- William Shatner, music is the only way to relax me, while I study I need music to help me focus especially classical music and slow music. Recently, these days sometimes when I’m free I just sit and practice math or playing word search and other puzzles, but this doesn’t stop me from hearing music while I’m doing these tasks. At first, I would always read books, in my country we had a small apartment yet, this didn’t stop me from filling up the spaces left by novels and cartoon comic books. Yes, I do remember, before I joined the school I would watch my favorite cartoon tweety bird, shin chan and Doraemon on YouTube; I would sing the cartoon theme songs and also eat my favorite chips with orange and enjoy my time alone.  I read anime novels online or watch them on YouTube too, learn languages by downloading apps. 

I am a complete Google freak, anything I want to know I couldn’t wait to hit the Google and search it up online, for blogging ideas I would search Google, for writing on a topic I’d always type “unknown words and phrases related to emotions” etc and write on it. If I read novels I’ll write down good phrases from the context to use in my writings but in my own words. 

To conclude, this is all I do when I’m alone or I can say in my free time, I forgot to mention I also love reading psychology books since I want to be a psychologist when I grow up.

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