Looking ahead at the road in front of me, it keeps stretching taking me to a place with no destination. Yet, our mid is convinced we’ve wandered too far and stayed there. As I kept walking ahead I realized that each passer-by which was nobody but only the trees around me is living a life as complex as my own.

The ache to get away and be alone in a distant place was now neutralized in my heart. This imaginary land of luxury and idleness consumed my thoughts and soul, it gave me “agoraphobia”-a fear or dislike of one’s home. This is a whimsical journey, everything seemed like a mirage after huge buildings showed, the cars honking behind me, I could see myself suddenly in the middle of the road….I screamed but nothing changed I still kept staring at the road ahead of me, the happiness of wandering alone gave me a joy unlike the joy that killed me finding myself in the middle of the road. I realized that was a mirage but the road ahead of me isn’t.

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