Immortal Love

Love like the moon don’t steal away the night but reveal its beauty….love happns when we have a lonely impulse of delight within us. It’s when we know we feel happy, free, confused, lonely at the same time….

Love is like a miserable magic which we can’t resist to fall for. We just don’t love because we feel lonely or depressed but we do it because we know now we want someone to be the permanent person in our life. It’s like having a full galaxy when we had just wished for a single planet…its a feeling of delight as well as fear in us….its a feeling for us to know ourselves, to know who we are, to have the unconditional trusts, faith, loyalty, understanding and all other elements that blend into to make two people have “LOVE”. We are scared of falling in love because even the tiniest mistake in love ruins the whole magic in it. When we fall for a wrong person love is like poison, we cry every time, it’s like your mind says you to leave but heart says don’t let go….. We don’t value the moments of love until it becomes a memory for us…..

The funniest thing I find is we can love our parents, teachers, bf/gf, our friends, children’s etc but when it comes to beggars we forget what is love?  It’s like you are dreaming of love when you are wide awake. We call them nuisance why??? Just because they don’t wear good clothes, don’t have a home, beg for money all the time, and look dirty….it doesn’t mean their species is different than us. They know to be a humane rather than being human like us…..there is a difference in them though…they suffer through everything still they smile….they die to live and we live to die, we have so many things: food, shelter, water clothes, but still we want to die, they want to be like us….but somewhere I’m happy for them that God did not make them like us or else the whole world would have become his worst creation instead of his best creation…even those innocent angels would have been devious, selfish etc…like us!!!!

We should know to embrace love….love is like true happiness where we find a deep sense of inner well-being, peace and vitality that is with you most of the time in most circumstances. Love is when  you see your grandparents still together in their 80’s, it is when you see the smile on your parents face when they know how their children do mistakes but they with a smile accept us the way we are, it is when we serve for someone and they shower their blessings over us, it is when some needy knows that somewhere in the world there is someone praying for them…..

Don’t confuse love all the time with dreams!!!!


You Are Here!!

“There comes a time when relationships blossom into stronger bonds”

Many of them kiss and tell, but I just don’t tell many people. This one new fact when I gulped it went down my back instead of my throat. I’m just telling it to you…..

It was a blissful moment that I could grin ear to ear, never knew the figment of my dreams have come true after I met you. Before, I used to strive to be happy but now everywhere I look, taste, feel, hear, and smell I feel happy. This whole time I was cynical, unknown about love still searching for the perfect time to fall into this new connection to put my soul into that world of love, but since you have come I know now love is like walking into a paradise, I’m optimistic about it!!

Your brown beauty, big twilight eyes, Almond-Joy coloured skin, deep but kind voice, accent like the ones from the movies, thoughts like a new man and there is so much said in the words you don’t say just like me….you are like my mirror; I had lost myself, forgot who I was but the day we started to talk you flushed me back to who I am now!!!

We both have been through crucial and delicate stages of our life’s which has made us grow strong and wise. Nevertheless, I know just the 1% of you but promise and hope to know you 101% now perhaps, the 10% you know about me is still in process because I’m behold a mystery within myself which no one has known till now. I’m glad that I wandered so much into thoughts which were like the pathless woods which I have the fear of getting stranded but at last my curiosity to find someone overcame my fear after I found you in the woods; same condition like me.

I’m glad for the day we met. Amidst the wild ones to search someone angel like you was a hard job for me yet something worthwhile because all I always got was dirt in fact, in that dirt I never hoped to find something as beautiful reality like you…..




The Art of Chaos-Part IV

Eyes are useless when mind is blind…..being ignored by people whom we call friends and our loved ones is what i hate the most. I had not come to you so that at the end of the day you ignore me. But I have learnt that those who are ignoring me now will have that air of regret, repentance filled around them. I have learned that they who ignore are filled with mere pride, arrogance, self- absorption collected and kept in their mind and heart…..they think no one can be like them that just makes me laugh so much, because the ones whom they ignore are the ones whom they shouldn’t have treated so, indirectly they just show us their character and our mistakes in choosing the wrong person for us. With ignorance also replacement comes….gradually, when you ignore someone it tells how soon can you get over a person and replace their place with someone else. It’s easy to replace anyone but hard to find someone just like them. According to me the ones who ignore are unlightening which means they tend to learn something new which makes them look more dumber… infact, the people around them are also the same and we can’t do epic things with shit people. If we would treat them the way they treated us I bet they’d start to hate us like hell….


Ignorance is taken only upto a limit and if exceeded the patience left in us would leave us it is a medium in which it breaks and kills our love, friendship and the good things, feelings. “Reading damages your ignorance”. I’d be with my own soul, rather than being with people who don’t enjoy my presence. I’m much more tenacious in these situations….makes me know that it’s their loss not mine….they will greive on the loss for the care, love of the person who is still alive but they ignored them badly. Why do we ignore someone? This question keeps making me go so mad, so crazy….. most of the time we give our best to our loving ones but as situation changes they show their true colour which also shows how human tendency works and then when they look back and see their worry for the things that did not matter for them before they will realise how we felt back then, how when someone goes from your life you come to know their value.


I would only want to say the ones who ignore that, “Everyone is beside you when everything is going good, they get much more respect and so they don’t value us so they ignore….everyone disappears when things are bad, because their pride, their arrogance makes people to hate them and they feel lonely that’s when they remember what they did was wrong but the ones who were ignored by them they should not feel depressed because up from the ashes of disasters grows roses of success” this is what I think all the time…..when someone ignores me I’m like a sea!!!! I don’t talk to anyone much, I stop doing the things which I love the most like looking at green, writing, reading…..everything even sleeping, I get insomnia…..just because I’m silent, I am calm in situations doesn’t mean that I can’t act bitch….it’s best not to underestimate anyone because “In the act of information, ignorance is a choice” and it’s extremely good thing not to know few stuffs sometimes….we should start wanting less and knowing more….but the ignoring ones as I said are dumb!!!! The mere act of your ignorance hurts much more than silence, words and the intentions of yours that you can ever think of treating me…..

The Art of Chaos- Part III


We all are sick of crying, and tired of trying, sorry yes we are and no one can deny this fact.

I want to see what happens if I don’t give up…but these people are so mean and stupid and discouraging that I don’t have any interest when I am talking about anything I rather prefer not talking about it and get up and leave.

Sometimes it makes me go so crazy to explain those things as to why I did something or said something and initially I do have to give up. Because they are unable to relate to it!!

The word “Exulansis” means the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it.

Sometimes, all we want is people to listen to us and then to speak something sensible and soothing but unfortunately they are really hard to find in this very world or else just to listen and listen not give their suggestions.

Some are so impatient in giving their opinions that we don’t want to tell them anything anymore, its better we keep it to ourselves better speak to someone who can relate to our stuffs!! The normal people have no idea what darkness is actually unless they have been through it, and then they judge us, understanding requires a lot of compassion, willingness, patience to believe.  Everything till now made in this world are somewhere so connected that you can relate everything to each other….doubts create misunderstandings which do need explanation but then we again without beating around the push come to the point where we all start with the alternative act “Exulansis” and if we give it a deeper look even this again brings us back to misunderstandings and doubts. We can’t run away from these things which are made from the beginning we have to face it, we have to go through it no matter what.

I’m a peripatetic person, I spend much of my time wandering in my thoughts and wondering about things and how they are made, how they have to be used. I wonder most about how my days go on like a cold sunless weather but that doesn’t stop me from looking up and rising cause even the brightest star need darkness to shine. So instead of just explaining any of them show it to them in pictures many of them find it hard to understand from words, pictures help them to understand, give them a description in such a way where they can picture your thoughts too…and believe me that is not a hard thing. Some things are not meant to say by words but actions. Even we should much more understand first while making someone else understand what we are trying to say. If we take exulansis in a positive; it helps us to keep out thoughts to us, we don’t have to keep banging doors and chasing people to make them understand, if they want to understand they will do it whole-heartedly or else just wave them a goodbye….






The Art of Chaos- Part II


You can’t judge anyone’s path unless you have been in a situation like them. We know our bad days have started from the time we feel lazy to come out of the bed like ME. I’ve had completely worthless conversation with people, like a small talk. I’d after clap my hands as if they were giant paddles busting up the silence.

You all must be wondering why I started with such a word called “Jouska”. Well, it means ‘A hypothetical conversion that someone compulsively play in their minds’, we all when we look at someone talking to themselves think that they are mad and what not. But as I said before we shouldn’t judge anyone just by seeing their behaviour etc….this simple act we all do we can’t deny this fact.

To be honest I do it all the time because we all know instead of being a good friend to others we need to be best friends to ourselves first. I do it only for one reason as I know words can shred anyone’s heart so badly so I would rather do that to me because I know how amazing words can get that it can shred the insides apart. I do it because I hate the feeling, as I’m here but still not here…as in they say they care, but they don’t….as in I’m being somewhere yet not somewhere…as in someone loves me, but it’s an utter lie. The very act of jouska helps me to see the world I see from my eyes rather than listening to someone else’s words. This desire of jouska helps me to know my faults which have gone unseen in other’s eyes and mine too, having said that it also makes up a good part of my sincerity and of others who do it too.  When I’m upset I choose to be understanding by doing such act…try it may help you too. To me I’m a strong girl I stand in front of everyone with a smile glued on my face because I win a battle everyday to fight the world and the people around me. It’s so funny, we think that the earth belongs to man, but the fact is that man belongs to earth…am I right, just give it a thought and comment down your views!!!

I’ll come up with more parts on The Art of Chaos…..

The Art of Chaos

“In this all we are so stuck-up,

We don’t know what to do, so we just leave,

But we had to clean up this mess,

And I don’t know how but you come to know when I want to cry”

This few sentences I put down, all must be thinking it’s for a guy but you all are wrong. Read it once again it shows how the mind and heart talk about life. “The thing about life is, it pushes you until you break just to see if you can put yourself back together.” We all in our lives take a leap of faith, if one of us just get some proof about the person faking it even we get along with them and criticize who faked it. But we think so smart of ourselves, that we don’t see why the person did it nor we see what made them do so??

We all are in the fear of crossing a threshold to embark on something new.

It’s not they who destroy us but it is we who destroy ourselves. In life there are many challenges as one of my friend said, “Life is like a rollercoaster, no u-turns” (though I know some rollercoaster’s do have a u-turn, my friend maybe hasn’t been in one). For me life is like a pathless wood, it’s like a crazy road which has no smoothness in them but will lead you to such a beautiful world, which we think is hell yet, we all don’t know the best view comes after you have gone through the hardest path. It’s said, “Behind every successful man there is a woman” I’d rather say, “Behind every man there is a woman rolling her eyes.” We think sunshine is the pure happiness, but just for once dance in the rain you’ll know what is the most purest happiness of all but, it’s a matter of fact that later you would catch cold so don’t dance much!!!

The meaning of life is to give life it’s meaning, just live it to your fullest. I know many of them have heard this thing and it’s not easy but still you do need to try it. I know all say everything happens for a reason, but what the reason is we all wonder, give it a deeper look you are just half-way there to get the reason.

I would keep going on writing about what my thoughts are but let’s leave the best for the best!!



It poured hard,

I stood at the window sill,

I looked at the sky watching the rain

Saw how the clouds were free, they kept going on,

As they were heavy with all the water in them, they moved slowly,

I wanted to be like them moving on no matter what, without any destinations,

Walking in the wind,

I looked down, saw many umbrellas,

I saw how the raindrops touched its cheeks and slid down,

I wished to be the one getting wet in the rain,

It felt as if I were a raging sea trapped inside the raindrop

That feeling is so different, I could feel,

I knew the clouds were crying with me while I kneel,

The best thing when it rained was that I wanted it to rain,

But if it had poured more, I would want it to go away,

Let me cry in vain,

Let me be alone again!!!