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Terror lives in a dark alleyway squat He always has, he always will He likes those nights when the moon stays home Those cold black nights when all is still He used to prefer to go incognito On the crowded streets beneath The full-on glare of city lights When trading a bouquet for a […]


Do read it…I’ve just posted the last chap but it’s an amazing story….

I called ambulance, police station and uncle after the very moment I found her dead. I cried my heart out, the girl whom I loved so much is dead and she won’t be smiling back at me. I thought what if I would not have gone at the first […]

via Bhavana – Finale — Gaurav Rajai


The moment you say it’s over,

The moment you know we can’t go any further,

The time we wasted could be used,

But you just stand there watch me pack my bags,

Trying so hard not to cry,

We had our worst moment now,

Wish I could use a replay button,put it back to normal,

Wish we were here sitting together hand in hand

No more sorry, only love,

The value you made me feel believe me no one could ever give me that.



My tears flow like the ocean,

They just don’t end, but it curves and keeps flowing and flowing,

Is this what I wanted,

Is this the way I should be treated,

My tears say it all,

Once they start they would never end,

They have no destination just like the ocean,

Oh! how I wish someone like you could wipe thwm off,

And tell me my true worth and accept me the way I am.