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I was thinking alot before writing about this Issue what’s exactly happening in schools of India. These sch are called as International schools but infact their teaching and management is worst than Local schools of our Country…

They are charging more than lakhs of rupees per year but when you will compare their safety and security its really so disgusting coz of the school bus drivers, conductors, guards, care takers and sometimes the teachers itself they are torturing, seducing, hitting, raping and killing to the kids like Animal. we just condemn these kind shits happening behind the doors of these schools…

If we are giving them lakhs of rupees for the excellent education including maintenance and safety of our kids why they don’t intervene and focus alot on kids safety, once we handovering our kids to them its their own risk to take whole responsibility of them..

Our system really…

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Marital Rape : Sacred Tradition !?

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It is said that the worth of a civilization can be judged by the place given to women in the society. In India, we worship our strong, independent goddesses And I think no will deny the fact that women in India have made a considerable progress since independence.

Breaking the glass ceilings, recently two women (external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and defense minister Nirmala Sitharaman) have become the members of the powerful cabinet committee on security (CCS). This news is also a perfect example of women empowerment in India.

But there is still a long road to travel… Even today’s women have to struggle against many social evils in the male dominated society. marital rape is one of those serious issues.

I’m sure after just reading the term ‘marital rape’, many people will start to label me as a feminazi, pseudo-feminist, Philistine, Misanthrope, etc etc. Why? because marital doesn’t exist…

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We all feel frustrated not a new thing these days. It was long back when someone said me “I’m proud” but I didn’t know about what? I heard what did the person meant and I felt so frustrated by those words I stopped acting to everything happening around me I wanted to scream out loud and say:

“I’m too hard on myself I know, I just want a moment, sit back marvel at my life think about the grief that made me soft, think about the heartbreaks that made me wise, think of the suffering that made me strong and despite all of this I till grew which is the reason I am PROUD .

This always disturbed me so bad; I had to look up to my family issues already all the time, at night always check on my mother whether she gets good sleep or no, hear my father’s snores and be calm thinking he’s getting good sleep, I’d always be awake like an owl cause sleep doesn’t meet me every day it comes like a blue moon. And still I would get up late in the morning with a smile don’t let anyone see my frustration would give breakfast to my siblings, serve tea for mom, bring my dad a cup of milk hah, my dad is such a baby till now….

I do feel happy, I do smile when I’m alone, I do think a lot about others and myself too, but when I feel frustrated I feel brave and strong and broken all at once.

It’s said when we eat chocolate ice-cream, it can reduce and relieve our mental stress and the funny fact is that when I’m feeling blue I crave to have ice-creams no matter how much cold or migraines I have.  Even though we may come from different places and speak different languages, our hearts beat as one. Similarly, we all are addicted to some kind of sadness.

I’m still frustrated now, because one of my friends when I asked these days you don’t read my blogs? The reply I got back was, “before also I never used to read it. This made me feel so demotivated and gray, because the idea of writing blogs came up to me and I did it, I could only count on my friend to help me get support until I found new bloggers here who would comment on my blogs like them follow me back etc….. this made me feel good and at the same time bad too. I was in a state of tante. I feel as if I’m the sand being thrown against the wind, and the wind blows me back again.  I felt so sad that I could just look at green the whole time hogging a lot of dark fantasy biscuits. Though, I know I won’t get them so, I would just use my best tool of taking deep breaths and remembering I could do anything once I’ve practiced it 200 times. Seriously.

I come to know my expectations are the ones feeding my frustration, so I start to hope more and expect less, it’s not easy though. To look on the brighter side, when I feel angry or frustrated I come to know when I’m made of. Frustration helps me to grow my roses of success when all I have is ashes of disasters.



This is so true, though he is back it’s not like b4 u see, things change and I dnt want them to change….juz come back to me like b4!!!!

Unsplash / Matthew KaneLosing him hurt, even though he wasn’t your boyfriend, because he acted like your boyfriend. He would cross the line all the time. He would reach over and grab your hand when you least expected it. He would hold you close during hugs and take ages to let go. He would text you…

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“You see, I struggle with mild chronic depression. I can wake up on any given day, the world perfectly at peace around me, and feel as though every ounce of what makes me me has been stolen away. Ambition. Drive. Motivation. All of it.

I feel empty. Passionless. Broken. “


Depression means feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Aish! I could just list a thousand unknown feelings which we humans don’t know about when we feel depressed.

“I’m sorry to say, but these days I do feel depressed.”

This very sentence is heard by all of us from people who are actually going through it and the most wrong reply we give them is “there’s always someone worse off than you are”. Now come on we know there are many going through this, instead I’d love to hear if they said “You’re not alone in this” this would make me feel fresher. There are many of us who are going through depression every day we all know that but we just don’t show it, of course, why would we cause we don’t know how to say it. Depression is a feeling which cannot be said but only felt, do u agree or no?

A woman when she is divorced her man the pain going through her can only be felt by another lady who has been through it we kids-sixteen, won’t know how it is feels. But, I give her a hats off cause she knows they were met for two reason either he was a blessing or a lesson for her. I’m going through depression but all I want to tell the others is that you have endured, I know you are broken and know the hardship yet you have to stand still moving forward each day, it’s easy for all to tell us that start letting go of the things that have happened but hard for us to digest that fact, only if they knew the harsh lessons that we have been through we learnt from it and made us stronger so, better they should keep their mouth shut. According to me people who expect are the ones much more depressed than the ones who don’t, am I right? It’s prominent to everyone so yes, I am right. We see the world through a different perspective we think something extraordinary which others can’t think of for instance, I love the colour green so much that I could just marry it if it were living whenever I feel depressed I just look at green, cherish the colour so much I don’t know why I do it but, it does make me feel calm to be honest that’s the only colour to which I talk to. Yes, I know this is funny but it’s the truth. One day, I was just sitting in the classroom and my friend approached me she told me, “stop feeling sorry for yourself” but all I wanted at that moment was a hug…..I still remember the day when I was in 10th grade and I felt so depressed due to some family issues, I was on the edge to break out crying I wanted a hug so badly and for sure I did get it, in return the person too started to cry and said don’t  ever hug anyone you can make someone feel depressed. I was struck after this sentence since then I never hugged anyone much.


Depressed people would often get suicidal thoughts don’t take their words for granted if they say:

  • “You’ll be sorry when I’m gone,” “I can’t see any way out,” — no matter how casually or jokingly said, may indicate serious suicidal feelings. I say it but them friends and all laugh at me so even I laugh along with them. It’s important to know even when depressed people say I’m fine or I’m ok, their words they do mean something deep you just need to use your common sense to understand it.
  • Self-harming- Not all suicidal people who try to kill themselves in every way possible are insane. They must be upset, grief-stricken, depressed or despairing, but extreme distress and emotional pain are not necessarily signs of mental illness. Even the most depressed person has the mixed feeling about death, they try to balance their thoughts on one side whether they should live or die. However, they don’t want to die they just want the pain to stop because they have been so immune to it that even if by mistake they get by a sharp thing they won’t feel the pain even though blood is oozing out from their wound.


To be honest, even I’m depressed but by saying it here doesn’t mean I’m grabbing attention or “expecting” anyone to feel sorry for me.

As I said before most of the depressed people are the ones who expect a lot that’s what I have heard but to get their damn fact correct sorry buddy we don’t expect but we hope, don’t confuse yourself with these words. We hope things to happen, it’s better to have surprises because the struggle that we are going through today makes us stronger for the struggles we will face the next day. When I look at the sky from my window, it looks so empty just like how my life is but then; I stop and say to myself I’m happy to be going through it now!

It’s not noticed by everyone we all go through the same problems in our life every house has the same story like ours. For example, peer pressure: my friend when she was 10 years old went through a lot of peer pressure and look at me I’m going through it now, now I feel back then how she felt; the only fact that has changed is we don’t meet now anymore. We all go through the same problems but at different times, some kids see their parents’ divorce when they are young while some kids see their parents’ divorce when they grow up.

All I wanted to say now is, as I said before don’t confuse expectations with hope depressed people are in a hope of waiting for their pain to go away not expecting it to finish cause we know we have to see the pain all our life.

It’s a funny fact, but when I’m depressed sometimes I feel to keep hogging the whole day or else I won’t feel to eat or else I’ll sleep the whole day or else I’ll not talk to anyone and many more stuffs I do. When I’m depressed I can’t say what I’m feeling too I just be shut the whole day so that my blunt words due to frustration doesn’t spoil someone else’s day. I spend all my time blaming myself for all, want to heal myself without touching the wounds, I know I can do it….we appreciate to all we have in my life but still we don’t know why do we feel depressed.









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