I need your heart


Beep Beep goes your heart
It is a real piece of art
I like laying beside you
And hearing that heart inside you
You don’t even know how much that means to me
I know it sticks me like a bee
I just want to have it all for me
But obviously I can’t see
I’ll just stay with the beating
With your heart singing

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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Short poem

Somewhere you belong to me,

Somewhere we belong,

I can cry a river for you if you ask me to,

Sad part is there would be flood, thundering and lightning,

If I cried the lightning would strike so hard and ignite a fire,

That even when my tears bought the flood the fire ignited wouldn’t extinguish……

I know it took me a long time to write a poem for u…hope u like it…love ya buddy!!!!!

Akeelma’s Diary–#3

The little girl in me dies completely becoming new everyday indeed, I’m still the strong girl they still cannot see which I’m perfect at hiding. Each day there was a peaceful war which gives me the worst death anyone ever had….I forgot to put pinch of salt in master’s bowl of soup, he made me drink the hot soup forcefully after I drank it my tongue burned so much, I was not allowed to drink water also….all my master did to cure my thirst was to put a spoon of salt in my mouth…this killed me more!!!!

I entered my room and sat down on my ray of hope bed, once crystal but now dark tears flowing down my cheeks, Kinjari who was sitting in the corner, picks up my face and gives me water which he had hidden from master in his secret place and bought for me…..he said he could see the rising sun in my eyes, that in my dark tears he could trace the moonlight held in them……he said I had a pretty skin when no sooner, master bolted into the room filled with silence and dragged him away from me.

I saw the trail of blood while he was being dragged….he cried in pain!!! Is this the life a all slave had to live, my previous master treated me with care but this one just reminds me of the hospital all the time. Since, I was immune to it, I begged for the suffering which had no pain from Lord…..I couldn’t stop thinking about my late grandmother’s words, she was so loving, so sympathizing! She spoke so hopefully that even light couldn’t resist to break free from between the clouds…..


If you say a person lazy they will say “I’m not lazy, your the one who’s lazy that’s why you recognise other lazy people”

I love to lie down supine, it’s such a rich feeling but then people make me so irritated I feel to throw them out of the window.

I love to be lazy because it’s an unpredictable instance where I get to wander in my own journey of thoughts which consists of inmarcesible wild and unusual ideas having desire and actions in them…..Some lazy ones enjoy their alone time-like me…while some just don’t like doing anythng-again like me(don’t crack your head in getting what I mean….no one will know what I meant here).

“I do it because I can. I can because I want to, I want to cause you said I couldn’t”….a lazy persons answer if they are said something. Just a tip for everyone don’t ever underestimate a lazy person, if you see them still behind you way far like a drop of pen they will be way far ahead of you too.

In today’s world being lazy is very fine actually it’s common because of the technology etc…psychology says it’s good to be lazy, those who are lazy are genius people blah blah…like this all will be lazy does that mean we are genius? Yes, we are genius if we do such shitty thing. Alternatively, our grandparents, grandparents parents think that being lazy is not good for your body and mind….

Ahhh!!! Now whom to listen the today or the actual today???

Akeelma’s Diary–#2

People say I keep dwelling in my past and keep lamenting over it, keep on thinking about it….but I have forgotten all my pain what hurts me more is the mistakes that I had done. I lament over the mistakes but I didn’t forget what it taught me or what it made me who I am today.

Buddha said ” Not everyone knows your journey. That’s ok. Your are here to live your life not to make everyone understand.” This sentence keeps tumbling into my head whenever there are people who misunderstand me……

Why is it always me going through this stuff, is there anyone else having the same blue like me? People just don’t know that they are hurting someone without realising it….

I wish to show the one in darkness an astonishing light of their own being. But I think there are similarities in dark as well as light…..what I think is when looked deeply in them they make us go blind, but my friend says that they help to know the identity of the person; that who is with you and who just leaves you there stranded.

Among all this things happening with me I think of Kinjari: a slave boy like me, has almond-joy colour skin which now look like ashes, lips full and wide and now seem like dry ice, with twilight eyes with no living in them now. When I first saw us both together in future we looked so healthy walking hand in hand in the lonliness of the roads with no one and now what I think is that we are both just peices of bones without a heart beating like zombie…..but still I realise I’m alive when his stinky yet soothing breath felt my face while we sleep so close to each other on our ray of hope bed……..


These days every evening here in India the atmosphere created harmoniously blends well so much with my mood…….and to be honest it also rains so heavy when my heart knows my mind can’t help me pour out tears. The thing that I know well is that I just don’t feel good about things. Similarly, like seasons……

Seasons reminds me of pain that changed me which simultaneously also hurted me a lot. The only positive approach of seasons is that it is a harbinger of joy. There are unseen powers that always destroy human happiness however, that happiness is brought back when we have seasons coming all the time. There is no spirit in nature…….it just comes like the things happening in our life’s which we need to face staying firm.

The entire ambience blooms in the beauty of seasons. It brings newness  to the surroundings. Atmosphere gets bouncy in each season. In all seasons there is something new for us to bring: in some we see greenery so lushly, in some the clouds dancing while they squeeze rain from them, some give so cold breeze that makes the air so numb for us…….

I hate when the seasons in the sun have to say goodbye……..

Akeelma’s Diary–#1

(Fictious, and this will be a series for I don’t know how long but it will talk all about how sad a girl’s life is…there will be few poems which I have published before just for reference to know her feelings and don’t worry there will be new poems too. Hope you enjoy reading my series.)

I know I did wrong but it was not intentionally. I should not be trusted anymore, but I still trust you that you will be there standing next to me no matter what shit I’m going through. I’m to be blamed again it’s all my fault!!!

Love- I don’t deserve it. The magic in it is faded now for the ones who love me. If I stay you will regret it and after this I know you must have regretted it. I’m worthless and an stupid person to do so. The strength of your love broke down my walls. There are some times when I can’t come to you, I am far from you at that time. I’m so bad I did so wrong with you, my tears make my vision blur but when I blink they flow endlessly. I’m bad, I’m bad, I’m bad…

I didn’t want to do, it just happened I swear to myself. I can’t come to your home filled with hearts because it’s useless of me now coming there after I have done such things. My world is falling apart. I can’t stop thinking how in past I’ve been harrassed a lot I don’t like to hurt anyone but why I did that you. My impressions have gone down in front of you. If you ask me to stay I will or else I’ll walk out without a goodbye maybe I’m not worth that also.

For so long I was depressed because I would not stop thinking of the needy, I’m so excited to grow up and do something for them. They value love but, I used to so now this does not make me different from the rest of the humans when I’m not such a person!!!!

I love you more than I did before, nothings changed all is the same. I can’t give up on you again. I lost you once, twice but, not thrice…..I can’t let you go it hurts me, but even if I hold on it will hurt me more…

I’m sorry I couldn’t get up to you, but still I won’t give up on you….