Books on SHELF!!

I kept searching for my books until yes I saw him sitting on the floor with his back supported by … More


We all have different mindsets but what if those mindset of some people were proved right/wrong. I am writing a … More


He’s my bestest friend ever, who is close to my heart because that’s what I have named my soul. Does … More


The two letter word “OK” is so small but it means so much. According to the english dictionary it has … More

Ever Felt this!!!

I don’t know how many of you have been through a situation like she has, but when she’s sad even … More

Nothing is going right…….

Today is so different than always. Tomorrow is hopelessly different than always. Future is always different… Nothing is going right … More


That feels when born, That feels when just 9 years old, That feels when sweet 16, That feels when finally … More

New Beginning!!!!

“You can’t just wish or hope for something to come true, you need to make it happen.” Just like that … More

Just Thought….

When you have everything what could you possibly desire? In this world nothing is partial if we do bad we … More