Books on SHELF!!

I kept searching for my books until yes I saw him sitting on the floor with his back supported by the edge of the big book shelf. His hair was medium length, smooth, shiny and brown looked like petals brushed over the autumn wind and them lips were so slither of dark angel. I sat down to get a better view, kept staring at him blindly, tracing his face structure on the floor and bit my lips from the side at the same time. His long neck had the perfect Adam’s apple, his chest looked strong, but as soon as I tried looking at his hips I couldn’t make out…..

I had bent so much just to look over his eyes that I completely slept on the floor since he put his head down. I was so lost in him, that I didn’t see the librarian who was on the round. Aish!! she saw me and he looked up hearing the sound of the thud of my hand, and there I saw his clear, hazel beady eyes looking right into mine…..

Last glance which I remembered of him was the sun streaming on his face and looked so perfect, oh fudge I wanted to see him again, to go back to searching those Books on SHELF…….

Note: This is fictious. Hope y’ll like it!!!!


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