We all have different mindsets but what if those mindset of some people were proved right/wrong. I am writing a blog again on this topic but in a different way just to change some people’s mindset, because there are few things which we think but aren’t the way they are. Today we’ll talk on Depression VS Sadness.

Alot of us feel depressed and sad too, but we get confused between them because they word mean the same but have different feeling they may seem alike but they are not the same.

Depression is not just sadness, it is weight that keeps you on the bed. It makes us feel empty, like nothing at all while, sadness is a tangible feeling. Sadness is easier to talk about, but depression it’s unexplainable and leave us silent- even my friends keep asking me about why I look down or upset I can never explain them the feeling that I’m going through, this happened with me even today where my friends kept yelling at me about me being sad all the time and I couldn’t explain, little did they know it wasn’t my sadness but my depression.

At the end of the day depression keeps us stuck, even fun cannot fix it instead it isolates us from the things we love, beleive me even I had stopped writing, reading, music, talking to family and friends, having my favourite chocolate Cornetto, craziness for the color green, for a very long time because I just wasn’t myself all I wanted was to lie down on the bed sleep and never wake up, sometimes I even think I love my scars so much because they have stayed with me longer than the people who were with me….

Sadness is  very real and difficult emotion to process. Depression is an overwhelming numbness that requires professional help.

Both feelings are valid, but if someone opens up to you about their depression don’t say, “I’ve been sad too” but LISTEN. It’s very hard for someone to sit quietly and listen to a depressed person all of us are just so excited to speak up and just put up our opinions, I know how it felt when you wanted to say so much but scared to say anything because no fudge would listen all bash you down with their words and it leaves you to be quiet….


  1. I know how it feels when we want someone Wil notice us what the best we have got for othrrs, but rather than understanding they just tryna suggest us to do this and that, thsts just coz of mindset. But I have seen most people who had been gone from this, they become so successful and popular in their life, coz they knows the Importance of things God Assigned us, to help poors, to make smile to crying kids, to help our parents, to meet old people and spend time with them, to tease our loving one’s, to hug mom to demand for a things to our daddy, to friendly yeld and fighting with our lovely siblings…
    But in teen age we have less room to expand our self thsts why we feel this kind burdon on us,, so try to go out with family, eat lots of Ice cream, and chill near lake or beach enjoy the holy ambience of Nature..
    And there are lots of things you can do but first be real you there for everyone don’t just be mimic set by society according to their standard(forgive me if my statement is wrong).
    In last gonna say, smile, laugh, cheer, shout, and have fun..


  2. Excellent! Sometimes people are lucky enough to even learn lessons from their teachings, I’m sure you will too.👍


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