He’s my bestest friend ever, who is close to my heart because that’s what I have named my soul. Does anyone not name their soul well this is getting weird and creepy but yupos I do it. Yet I know there is nothing such as weird but just different!!

My soul is pompous. God has made us all incredibly unique, we just have as many qualities even if we are not aware of them right now. Sometimes we feel we are not good enough or not worthy of anything but then for me, my soul does wonders and makes me realise that I was not born for others but for myself, that God gives birth to only good actors we just have to be part of the movie and win those lifetime Oscars.

If I continue to talk about how I’m not good enough for anyone,it discourages me and brings out the negative part where my forehead turns blue, my eyes are completely white and brows straight, my soul calmly tells me to stop focusing on my weakness and see myself in a more realistic light, which will help me to be balanced and healthy…..

Sometimes just a little attention from someone is enough for you to feel special, and that for me is what Blupie does, he is the one who encourages my heart to see the little ray of light in such a heavy rain, to not see my imperfections, and love him because he loves the way I am and is happy to reside within me…..

Instaed of searching for a soulmate first learn to search the soul within you, cause once we learn to love ourselves only then we feel a whole lot better of ourselves!!


  1. That’s what God Created us to set a milestone for others and let people follow your goodness and praise the beauty of your success, what you have achieved with lots of hard Work, and that Wil come only after you Wil listen your ❤

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