They stood there holding hands,

Looking at the sun submerge into horizon,

The orange light was no more painted on the sky,

They were happy to have each other, completely perfect,

But then he said something to her,

Maybe good news or a bad news,

She is numb, motionless; she could feel her world shattering like glass,

She ran quickly and he followed her,

The tears in her eyes came out profusely,

They shone like crystals while the sunrays streamed onto her face,

She was dead from inside,

She realised how much her world revolved around him, he meant the world to her,

But never expected to hear this say, it felt like it started yesterday,

I know he didn’t mean to hurt her, never wanted to see her cry,

I saw him whispering in her ears while she was in his arms drowned in grief,

She hugged him more hard after he said and then,

They are telling me to stop this with a sweet note,

“They are still together.”






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