It poured hard,

I stood at the window sill,

I looked at the sky watching the rain

Saw how the clouds were free, they kept going on,

As they were heavy with all the water in them, they moved slowly,

I wanted to be like them moving on no matter what, without any destinations,

Walking in the wind,

I looked down, saw many umbrellas,

I saw how the raindrops touched its cheeks and slid down,

I wished to be the one getting wet in the rain,

It felt as if I were a raging sea trapped inside the raindrop

That feeling is so different, I could feel,

I knew the clouds were crying with me while I kneel,

The best thing when it rained was that I wanted it to rain,

But if it had poured more, I would want it to go away,

Let me cry in vain,

Let me be alone again!!!




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